Portugal Mobi Summit

Portugal Mobi Summit

Portugal Mobi Show

Mobility as a driver for development
Welcome to the Portugal Mobi Summit 2022

Since its first edition, back in 2018, the Portugal Mobi Summit has established itself as one of the leading sustainable mobility events in Europe.

In the last four years, we have brought together on stage and in the audience stakeholders from the entire mobility ecosystem, agents of positive change for the future of our cities.

In the last editions we have drawn the atention of partners such as Plug&Play or EIT Urban Mobility, contributing to establish Portugal as one of the most active and attractive mobility innovation hubs at a global level.

This year, the Portugal Mobi Summit has a new ambition. In partnership with ACAP, we will reinvent the concept of 'car show' and organize a great mobility exhibition, extending it to all areas and industries related to sustainable mobility.

This new face of the Portugal Mobi Summit - the Portugal Mobi Show - will bring to Lisbon not only the main innovations of the automotive industry in the field of electric mobility or autonomous and connected driving, but also the new trends in micro-mobility (Portugal is the main European producer of bicycles, responsible for more than 25% of the EU's total production), in shared mobility, public transport or sustainable last-mile distribution.

In parallel, the Portugal Mobi Summit will be held in Cascais, at Nova SBE, bringing to multiple stages and during two days, public and private decision-makers, ideas and disruptive concepts, continuing its initial mission: to promote positive change towards a more sustainable future.

In 2022, the Portugal Mobi Summit will also continue its focus on the innovation ecosystem, with on stage startups pitches and exhibition space, at the Portugal Mobi Show, for entrepreneurs and creators.

In short, we will have a more ambitious event but also one that's more open to the general attendance and families. In one week, in two municipalities - Lisbon and Cascais - we will put toghether two distinct areas of activity connected by a 'blue corridor'.

Organised by Global Media Group and having its main channels associated - JN, DN, TSF Dinheiro Vivo and Motor24 -, one of the main assets of the Portugal Mobi Summit is the production of content. Whether in the return that we guarantee to our partners, or in the ability to generate impact among a wide range of audiences, this is a distinctive feature of the Portugal Mobi Summit in relation to other mobility events at a European level. As in previous editions, this year we will be editing content up to the summit and the exhibition - online and legacy - between May and September.